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Pro-Active Portfolio Monitoring™

For asset managers with fiduciary duties towards the investor, responsible investing involves more than just properly selecting securities, balancing portfolios and accurately reporting to investors.  It also means recouping for investors their rightful proceeds in securities fraud litigation—and Pro-Active Portfolio Monitoring™ can help.

Despite stringent government regulation and investor and analyst scrutiny, securities fraud remains commonplace around the world.  While enforcement agencies remain vigilant, private litigation has proven very successful, particularly in the United States, where class actions are possible.  In the U.S. alone over 100 securities class actions are filed annually, with some 15 percent on average affecting European companies and over 75 percent involving securities listed in Europe as well.

As a member of DRRT we offer Pro-Active Portfolio Monitoring™, a service that can help keep you current on all such litigation and what it means to your holdings and your investors.

DRRT represents institutional investors and international corporations around the world.  DRRT focuses exclusively on the civil protection and enforcement of rights of institutional investors through securities litigation (PPM) and of corporate consumers/purchasers in the antitrust/cartel area (CDCM). 

Pro-Active Portfolio MonitoringSM (PPM) is a service offered to international institutional investors who want to focus on prudent asset management and are looking for reliable, knowledgeable and confidential advisor in the field of global securities laws. 

The PPM service is an out-sourcing platform for these clients to process securities class action settlement claims and to receive information about other global legal opportunities or duties to protect and prosecute investor rights.  DRRT helps responsible institutional investors to enhance overall performance, satisfy fiduciary duties and protect the integrity of global capital markets. You may visit DRRT.

Cartel Damage Claims Monitoring

Cartel Damage Claims Monitoring (CDCM) is a service offered to internationally operating corporations who want to focus on the daily business and are looking for a reliable, knowledgeable and confidential advisor in the field of global antitrust laws.

The CDCM service is an outsourcing service for these clients to process antitrust class action settlement claims and inform them about other global legal opportunities to protect the rights of corporate wholesale purchasers in the market with the goal of obtaining refunds for the leading manufacturers’ or providers’ abuse of their position and market share to overcharge corporate and end consumers.

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