Second residences

Second Residences -
legal and practical implications of holiday homes

More and more people acquire real estate outside of their home country. These properties serve as holiday homes, bases for working abroad or just as an investment.

Our services are meant to facilitate and to protect such investments, which are placed in a different legal context.

I. Buying / Selling / Managing

  • ! important notes:
  • We are not real estate agents or brokers and do not offer such services. Our role is that of an independent advisor in cooperation with a network of other legal and fiscal advisors licensed in the concerned jurisdiction
  • Because the legal framework and the formalities concerning the acquisition of real estate vary from country to country, we strongly recommend to contact us or other independent advisers before signing any documents !

We can assist you through cooperation partners on-site in

  • buying and selling real estate
    - preparation/review of contracts
    - inspection
    - closing procedure
    - financing
  • handling of possible tax obligations
    - property taxes
    - other local taxes
    - wealth taxes
    - capital gains taxes
    - inheritance taxes
  • estate
    - estate planning
    - inheritance taxes
    - probate
  • visa matters
  • practical assistance

    - insurance
    - bank account
    - phone
    - mail

II. Individual Risk Analysis

Second residences serve usually as holiday homes or as a base for work interests abroad. Often the owner of real estate is not aware of the fact that the possession of a residence, or real estate in general in another country can have various legal and fiscal implications. These can involve

  • income tax
  • wealth tax
  • inheritance tax
  • capital gains tax
  • inheritance law

TaxResidences' risk assessments offer identification of possible tax exposures, criteria for tax-free stays and inheritance law outlines.

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