Corporate Structures

Corporate Structures

Especially for cross-border relations, a tax optimized structure should be considered.

The solution depends on various aspects: the criteria for a producing company are different than for a licensing entity. Special concepts can be offered for e-commerce activities.

At the same time the more and more tight and complicated anti-avoidance rules of most high tax countries have to be taken into account. Those mean new and constantly changing challenges for the international tax planning.

The still widely used, simple conduit and mailbox solutions through offshore companies often offer protection for a limited time only. After detection by the authorities the also criminal consequences can be painful. In other situations offshore structures can still be an effective means of tax planning. Not rarely a tax efficient EU company structure can be advisable by taking advantage of certain protections offered by EU law.

In Monaco any commericial company requires the authorization by the governmentand mail box companies are genarally not allowed in Monaco. A pure holding company will not be permitted in Monaco.

We develop custom tailored concepts and arrange the implementation and formalities through our cooperation partners on-site.

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