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The personal and economical interests of many people are not limited to their home country any more. Typical cases involve:   - properties in foreign countries - transfer of residence -... + continue reading
Moving offshore - Benefiting from a transfer of residence Transferring your residence to a low tax environment is one of the few remaining ways to legally minimise taxes. Large corporations are used to thoroughly... + continue reading
Monaco The Principality of Monaco does not know a personal income tax. Neither wealth tax or capital gains tax are imposed. In so far no accounting or bookkeeping is required for private individuals.   Monaco... + continue reading
Second Residences - legal and practical implications of holiday homes More and more people acquire real estate outside of their home country. These properties serve as holiday homes, bases for working abroad or just... + continue reading
International Inheritance Law An inheritance will already be international, if is located in another country. The consequences will normally concern the inheritance law as well as the tax law. Inheritance Law The... + continue reading
Corporate Structures Especially for cross-border relations, a tax optimized structure should be considered. The solution depends on various aspects: the criteria for a producing company are different than for a... + continue reading
Mergers & Acquisitions Purchase and Sale of Companies Company acquisitions concern a unique combination of legal, tax and business aspects. His background as an international lawyer combined with his business... + continue reading
In the gobalized economy many contracts concern more than one country: The parties of the contract might be in different countries or the object of the contract (i.e. delivery or other performance) is related to another... + continue reading
International Family Law Many couples or families have to be qualified as "international", at least from a legal point of view. The reasons for that can be : transfer of the main residence to another country... + continue reading
Pro-Active Portfolio Monitoring™ For asset managers with fiduciary duties towards the investor, responsible investing involves more than just properly selecting securities, balancing portfolios and accurately reporting... + continue reading

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